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The Santa Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe, Inc.
2015 NEWSLETTER THE SANTA ROSA COUNTY CREEK INDIAN TRIBE, INC   It is hard to believe a year has already passed!  This is the second year of printing our annual newsletter on our website.  We have received positive responses from Membership and from the Public.  The electronic newsletter not only provides us a way of keeping you better informed, it also saves a considerable amount of time and expense for the Tribe.  Our thanks go out to Danny Helms and especially to Brinkley Hassebrock for their hard work and expertise.   Membership:  Our Membership numbers continue to increase.  Gail introduces new Members at our monthly meetings.  To those who attend regularly, we appreciate your faithfulness.  To those we have not seen in a while, we would love to see you there (place and dates listed below).  If you are a Member or plan to become a Member, here are a few facts you need to remember; your Membership does not include your spouse or children.  While your Membership does make it easily possible for them to become Members, each one must have his/her own application and file.  Your spouse can be an Associate Member (unless or until they prove their own heritage) and each child can be a Full Member.  It is an easy process.  Speak to Gail, Joy or Patricia to start the process.  These three ladies do an amazing job in the genealogy.  Gail also keeps all records, issues cards, etc.  We are very blessed to have them.  Each Member 18 years of age or older must remit $25.00 each year.  Cards are issued to each Member and cards expire December 31st of each year.  There are allowances available for certain hardship waivers of this payment.  A detailed request must be submitted and approved by the Tribal Council.   Monthly Meetings:  Meetings are held at the Community Center on Chumuckla Highway approximately ½ mile North of 5 Points in Pace, Florida.  We meet at 6:30 PM on the 4th Monday night of every month except December.  Please come and bring your family.  Note that some months have 5 Mondays.  If you show up on the 5th Monday night of the month, you will be there all alone.   Tribal Grounds:  In 2004, 27.94 acres was donated to the Tribe.  The property is located at the intersection of Willard Norris Road and Pond Creek in Milton, Florida.  Late in 2013, the Tribe purchased over 64 acres of adjoining property giving us a total of 92.3 acres of Tribal Grounds.  We now have almost ½ mile of waterfrontage on both sides of Pond Creek.  The creek runs almost through the middle of the property.  While most of the 92.3 acres are still natural growth, the additional land opens many new doors of opportunity for possible grants and other projects.    We applied for and were awarded a grant from IMPACT 100 in 2014 in the amount of $102,500.00.  The grant required matching funds and in-kind donations from the Tribe.  The grant is being used for the installation of the infrastructure consisting of an entranceway, roadway, underground electrical, deep well water system, onsite septic tank, and restrooms.  With this infrastructure in place, we can begin the next phase of development of our Tribal Grounds.  It has taken several months to complete the permitting requirements of the State and County.  We are happy to report that work began on 9/07/15.  It is expected to take approximately three months to complete this phase of the project.  The goal is to eventually have a Native American Cultural Center on our Tribal Grounds.  We have received an excellent response from Membership and the general public.  We anticipate continued development and use of our Tribal Grounds.  You can keep up with our progress on our Facebook page and Web Site.   2015 Elections:  On the “Nominations for 2015 Election” dropdown under the “Who We Are” tab on our Web Site, are complete instructions for nominations and election of our Tribal Council Members and Officers for 2015.  The Tribal Council consists of 10 seats.  The Tribal Council is nominated and elected by the general Member ship.  Once the Tribal Council is seated, the Tribal Council Members nominate and elect the Officers.  All nominations and votes are by secret ballot.  Tribal Council seats are for four year terms. Of the Officers; Chief and Vice Chief are four year terms, Secretary and Treasure are two year terms and Chairman is a one year term.  Various seats and offices have staggered terms in order to provide continuity in leadership.    Please read the nomination and voting instructions very carefully.  Failure to comply with all requirements will result in disqualification of the nomination or vote.  There are two Tribal Council Seats open for election.  These seats are currently occupied by Thomas E. Nichols and Fred Conner.  Any qualifying Member is eligible for nomination and election for either of these Tribal Council Seats.  The Tribal Council Seats of Secretary and Treasurer are open for election.  These seats are currently occupied by Lloyd Hinote and Carol Enfinger.  Any qualifying Member is eligible for nomination and election for either of these Tribal Council Seats.  The Tribal Council Seat of Chairman is open for election.  This seat is currently occupied by Larry Holt.  Any qualifying Member is eligible for nomination and election for either of this Tribal Council Seat.   Election Procedural Note:  If there are more nominations for Tribal Council Seats than there are Seats available, the nominees receiving the most votes will be elected.  Example; if there are 3 Seats and 5 nominees, the3 top vote recipients will be elected.  Complete instructions are spelled out in the “Nominations for 2015 Election” on the dropdown under the “Who We Are” tab of the Web Site.  You are encouraged to participate.  Be aware that if no nominations are received by the stated deadline, those presently holding the office will serve the next term.   Facebook:  The Tribal Facebook page is very active.  It is an excellent way to keep up with the happenings of our Tribe.  Submit a Friend Request to The Santa Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe Facebook page and ask to be accepted.  Take into consideration your audience when posting.  Keep your posts focused on subjects concerning our Tribe and things Native American.   Tribal Web Site:  Thanks to Brinkley, Danny and others, we have a great Web Site.  The content continues to grow.  Please submit any articles or information which would enhance our Web Site.   Princess and Warrior Selections:  In the past, our selections of Princess and Warrior were done so late in the year that we were unable to include their names and photos in the Pow Wow Book until the following year.  The selection process for 2015-2016 was completed earlier this year to enable their names and photos to be included in this year’s Pow Wow Book.  We urge you to check out the complete instructions on the Web Site in the “Princess and Warrior Application” dropdown under the “Who We Are” tab of the Web Site.  You are encouraged to participate.    Tribal Activities:  In addition our annual Pow Wow, your Tribe continues its program of teaching our history and heritage at every opportunity.  Some Members frequently appear at schools, civic events, fairs, rodeos, Tribal gatherings, Pow Wows and any other opportunity to teach.  We have a great number of events occurring between now and the end of the year.  You and your family are encouraged to join us at these events.  Watch for events and information on our Facebook page and the Events section of our Web Site.   Pow Wow: Our 25th Annual Pow Wow will be held at beautiful Floridatown Park in Pace, Florida on November 21st and 22nd, 2015.  Please spread the word.  Bring your friends and family for an exciting, fun filled time.   Health Testing:  Your Tribe continues its relationship with the Office of the Surgeon General and the State of Florida.  At this year’s Pow Wow, they will be administering health testing and answering health questions for our people.  Please stop in and let them know how much you appreciate them.   You and your family are the backbone of our Tribe.  Your involvement makes all the difference in the success of the Tribe.  Be sure that your spouse and children are on the Tribal Roll.  Be active and include your family.
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