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The Santa Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe, Inc.
THE SANTA ROSA COUNTY CREEK INDIAN TRIBE, INC. NOMINATIONS FOR 2016 ELECTION You are herein notified that this Tribe will hold an election on Oct. 24, 2016.  Nominations are made by Membership and is open to anyone meeting all qualifications of our ByLaws. Membership elects Council Members. There will be 1 seat up for election/re-election this year. Per Article IX of our ByLaws, "There shall be a committee to accept nominations and the committee shall arrange and publish the time and place of the election", (see below). Nominations must follow the ByLaws to the letter so read the following carefully.  1. All nominations must be in writing. (ink- no pencil) 2. All nominations must be dated. 3. All nominations must be legible with name and position of person(s) being nominated. 4. Must be signed by nominating party with name printed below signature. 5. Must have Membership number (or photo copy) affixed to nomination. (***Note: also necessary to vote**) Note: Any nomination received not complying with these requirements will be void Note: All nominations must be delivered (by hand or mail) to The Santa Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe, Inc., C/O Benchmark Surveying, 7200 Chumuckla Hwy., Pace, Fl. 32571 and received by no later than 4 pm, Wednesday 10-19-16. All envelopes must be sealed and marked NOMINATIONS on the face of the envelope. All eligible envelopes will be opened at 5 pm this date by Nominating Committee at the same location. The names of those nominated will be posted at that location or you can call Lloyd Hinote at 850-516-6960 after 9 am on 10-19-16 to obtain the list of those nominated. Note: There will be one Council seat voted on. This seat is presently held by Council Member LLoyd Hinote. Any qualified Member may nominate the current holder of this seat for re-election or they may nominate any qualified candidate in the Tribe. If there are more nominations than seats available, when votes are counted the one receiving the most votes will be elected. If no Member other than the one listed above is nominate there will be no reason to cast votes. Note: You are herein notified that the 2016 election will be held from 6-6:30 pm October 24, 2016, at the Community Center, Chumuckla Hwy, Five Points, Pace, Fl. 32571 (same location as monthly meetings). Members may vote in person or by a written proxy. Any written proxy vote MUST BE SIGNED IN INK, IDENTIFY THE PERSON BEING VOTED ON, DATED AND THE PROXY MUST BE NOTARIZED to be valid and counted. All votes made in person must be written in ink and contain the same information as above but do not have to be notarized. Any voting Member must present identification if asked. All Full Members and Associate Members in good standing may cast a vote. (must be 18 years of age or older.) Membership cards or number mus be presented to be eligible to vote. Note: Per Article IX of our ByLaws, any Member elected to our Council must be a Full Member of our Tribe for a minimum of one year, must be a creek Indian or of Creek descent and must be qualified as a voting Member of our Tribe, 18 years of age or older and in good standing with the Tribe. This Member must be qualified by having attended at least 60% of the regularly scheduled monthly meetings, attended and served in annual Pow Wow's and must have participated in other Tribal activities and willing to attend all functions possible, to promote the work and growth of our Tribe in all possible areas and to represent our Tribe in a positive manner at all times. That Member must be willing to sign a Pledge of Loyality or Performance to fulfil these promises in every way.
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